Saturday, 9 November 2013

Arts & Crafts - Halloween Edition

So even though Halloween has already come and gone, we thought we'd share with you how we spent this most Gothic of all holidays.

We all know that any kind of holiday is just an excuse to get more drunk than usual, which in our case makes most days a holiday. 

Halloween is of course no exception, and for your viewing pleasure we decided to chronicle our celebration of this years Samhain, which featured everything from traditional vegetable mutilation to heaps of glitter and wearing ridiculous head wear. 

If you’re ever bored, we heartily recommend getting absolutely plastered and then attempt to do arts and crafts. ‘Attempt’ being the operative word here.*

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. While you may think that our ramblings are weird, they are nothing compared to YouTube’s automatic captions. Below we’ve sampled some of them, and as you can tell they make about as much sense as watching a David Lynch movie backwards on acid while wearing an 18-piece suit designed by lady Gaga.

Self reflection is a very important thing and we’re impressed that YouTube is aware of its own shortcomings.

Just like we are perfectly aware that we don’t have any. 

Naturally, despair looping should be avoided at all cost, as it can lead to everything from inverted pancake syndrome to unexpected surplus of limericks.

Yes, Satan. Do it. Do eeeeet. Do it now.

Well obviously. What else would you do with furry art.

Here it seems our dear YouTube suffers a complete mental breakdown, but unfortunately we don’t know any psychiatrists that specialize in deranged websites.

This caption actually looks more like someone subtitled Flegs’ thoughts. There’s always at least one naked man rummaging around in that head of hers at any given moment.

Here we see YouTube really trying to make a point, as illustrated by the capitalized ‘NOT’, although we’re still not sure what that point is.  

*Our advice is always based on extensive testing through personal experience. We test the theories so you don’t have to! And you’re welcome, by the way.

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