Saturday, 9 November 2013

Magic Happens When Weirdos Meet

Hi! Hello there. How's it going? Well, now that you're here we guarantee that regardless of how it was going, it will be going even better!

But first thing's first; Introductions are in order:

We have many skills, and clearly "photogenic" is one of them.

We are basically two odd individuals who make videos about our life. Sort of a reality show, but with a bit more quirkiness and feathers. Lots and lots of feathers. Why, you ask? Who knows. We sure as hell don't and we're the ones doing it.

We find that trying to understand things just leads to a lot of confusion, so we recommend just going with the flow and enjoying the ride. Much like Bill Hicks once said . Smart guy, Bill Hicks.

But how did this whole relationship actually come about? Well, we had actually met about a year before the Tenacious D concert, but never really talked that much because we had no idea how uncannily similar we were. At the concert we both had the grand idea to throw a pair of panties at Jack Black and Kyle Gass while flashing our boobies and a beautiful friendship was born.

Since we were completely infatuated with the amazing experience of the Tenacious D concert, we decided to travel to Germany 6 days later to hear the last concert on the first leg of their European tour, and subsequently spent 4 days together having the grandest time.

It was during those days that it became apparent we both had a love of sketch comedy, and decided to start up our own comedy duo project under the name 'The Mindbin'. During our first endeavors into the world of YouTube content creation, we realised that we had to chronicle our adventures, since they were often even more hilarious than the videos we made.

So without further ado, here is the first Flegs & Rez diary video. It's basically about what happened when we got our first taste of fame on the YouTube. In all our videos, some of the events are exaggerated, some of them are true and some are completely imaginary.

But who cares as long as it's funny.

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